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免費講座 Free Talk (20/11/2017) 培訓服務 Training Service 漏水/補漏實地諮詢服務 On-site Consultancy Service 防水補漏工程管理 Project Management
紅外線成像檢測 Infrared Thermographic Scanning 微波濕度掃瞄 Microwave Leakage Detection 工程/裝修監督 Monitoring and Supervision 滲水調查及檢測/ 公証行服務 Investigation of Water Seepage
食水管滲漏測試(水壓測試) Water Pressure Test 發售物料濕度計(檢測滲水用) Moisture Meters 幕牆/外牆滲水調查及檢測 Investigation of Water Seepage 去水渠/地台色水測試 Colour Water Test


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LEAKSCAN COMPANY, was established in 2011 and offered quality consultancy services in water seepage/ leakage investigation and leakage repair in building.

Professional Team Members, include Registered Professional Surveyor with over 40 years experience, Chartered Surveyors with 28 years experience, Registered Professional Engineer with 20 years work experience, Licened Plumber with 18 years experience, Waterproofing Expert with Registered Minor Works Contractor.

What's New

Certificate in Water Leakage Investigation and Repair in Building (28 intake) 建築物漏水檢測及防水課程

Training Course on Water Seepage/ Leakage Investigation and Waterproofing & Leakage Repair in Building for FEHD 2017 食環署特約課程

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