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Services 專業服務

Leakscan Company provides the following Services 香港漏水檢測提供下列專業服務: 
Training Service 培訓服務
Certificate in Water Leakage Investigation and Repair in Building (since 2003)/ Tailor Made Training Course/ Free Talk 證書/ 特約/ 免費講座
On-site Consultancy Service 漏水/防水/補漏實地專業諮詢服務
90 minutes On-site Consultancy Service 90分鐘技術諮詢服務
Water Pressure Testing 食水管滲漏測試服務 
Water Pressure Testing for Fresh Water Pipe 現壓食水管測試
Water Seepage Investigation/  Expert Witness 滲水調查/ 公証行/ 專家證人服務
Water Seepage Investigation/ Expert Witness 滲水調查及檢測
Infrared Thermographic Scanning  紅外線像檢測
Infrared Thermographic Scanning 紅外線熱儉檢測
Colour Water Test 渠/地台色水測試
Colour Water Test for Drainage System/ Ponding Test for Shower Tray/ Floor 排水系統測試
Other Services: Microwave Moisture  Scanning 微波濕度掃瞄, Salt Water Test 咸水測試, Project Management 項目管理, Building Inspection 驗樓, Licensed Plumber 水喉匠 etc.


免費講座 Free Talk, 培訓服務 Training Service (證書/ 特約/ 紅外線), 漏水/防水/補漏實地專業諮詢服務, On-site Consultancy Service, 食水管滲漏測試服務 Water pressure test, 註冊水務匠 Licensed Plumber

滲水調查及檢測綜服務 Water Seepage Investigation, 紅外線成像檢測 Infrared Thermographic Scanning, 去水渠/地台色水測試 Colour Water Test, 防水補漏工程管理 Project Management 驗樓服務 Building Inspection

Services 最新服務

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